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Wednesday 21 March 2012


I bike again.

Doggo has a cough. Apparently he has Kennel Cough. Naturally we had ruled out this possibility because we’d had him vaccinated against it two weeks ago. So that was useful then. If it continues he'll need some antibiotics from the vet... the vet who inoculated him against it... Somebody is making some money here.

His cough does seem to be improving but even so L says she’s going to rustle up some warm honey and lemon for him tonight. To dip his Bonios in. Hope she makes enough, because MD will want the same.

He’s not got the cough but then he is a tough cookie. Good job really because Kennel Cough is supposed to be highly contagious and I wouldn’t want to infect the rest of my Crufts team at training tonight. I best keep Doggo in the car.

Training goes well and no coughs.

(Wednesday 21st March)

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