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Tuesday 4 February 2014

A Fit Of Insanity

The weather looks good today but bad tomorrow so I bike to work. Then in a fit of insanity I go for a lunchtime run. I aim for 4k but mis-measure of course. My new Garmin (thanks L) tells me I’ve run 4.9k in nearly 26 minutes. We’ll gloss over the slowness as I was trying to ease myself back in gently.

My legs also disagree about the distance. They think they’ve done a full marathon judging by how much they are protesting.

Today I also enter us into a Sportive on 17th May which ties in nicely with my triathlon training. I only book for a measly 50 miles but then my half-arsed Ironman is only 56 so it should be enough. 

(Tuesday 4th February)

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