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Friday, 21 February 2014

Drubbing Down

It was odd having a night back at home without the dogs but on Friday morning the peace is shattered as we pick them up from kennels and bring them home. They seem to be pleased to see us, as long as no one mentions the takeaway they missed last night.

While we’re home for the day, re-bonding with the dogs, we get a chap in to service the boiler and I go to the doctors to finally get the drubbing down I deserve over my D minus on my health check report card.

Only instead I get praised. My figures may not have been perfect but apparently they are far better than everyone else’s. So that’s something at least. Double bonus is apparently both my liver and kidneys have all passed with flying colours. 

Cut back on the cheese’ the nurse tells me ‘but generally carry on with what you’re doing’.

That’s a dangerous thing to say... 

(Friday 21st February)

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