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Monday, 3 February 2014

Giving Up The Ghost

After work today I swim 52 lengths. You see even with my new pool watch I can miscount and go over by two. I do roughly half with a ‘pull buoy’ to strengthen my arms.

L’s been experimenting holding a float in her arms and doing lengths just kicking. That sounds evil. I daren’t, my calves would never forgive me, let alone my knees which could well give up the ghost altogether. Anyhow I would rather save my legs for the exclusive use of the bike and run legs.

Sweatshop, having been evicted from starting their runs at Virgin’s gym, are now re-starting from the Embankment Social Club. I take the boys over and go meet L who will be partaking. The boys and I amble along the embankment, barking at the ducks

(Monday 3rd February)

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