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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Red And Yellow Dots

Back to squash tonight after a two week break. My opponent quips that he’d be up for a game of curling if I can get a lane. I might be better at curling, perhaps the leisure centre could convert their courts. Given recent history, they probably will, so I best not give them ideas.

Tonight I have a new racquet to try which actually has strings with some spring in them. It also came with a ‘red dot’ ball which is a bit bigger than the usual ‘yellow dot’ ones which predictably my opponent doesn't like one bit. Not sure I do either. We revert.

This week the BBC is covering the World Track Championship from Cali in Columbia with some excellent late night live coverage. The only problem is staying awake to watch it or failing that avoiding the results the next day in order to watch it later.

The riders spend a lot of time battling against the wind which is odd for a velodrome. It’s a shame they didn’t get time to put any sides on it.

 (Thursday 27th February)

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