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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Outlaw WAGS

Back on the bike today. That goes ok and I also consider a lunchtime run but decide to defer it until tomorrow... Just trying to manage my injuries and be sensible as regards the running, the problem is now that I’ve got a run this Sunday to train for.

It’s the Cheadle Spring 5 this weekend, the Dambuster Duathlon next weekend and then 14 weeks away... the Outlaw Half.

L puts in a request for the Outlaw Half, a new dress.  Apparently all the supporters' WAGS had lovely dresses on when we went to watch. Hmmm. We’ll have to find one that she can carry me across the finish line wearing, so it’ll have to be quite skimpy so that she can move quickly in it. So perhaps not a bad idea after all.

A day after the rest of us, MD is finally back in training as we go dogging.

(Tuesday 25th February)

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