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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


We keep the routine the same as usual and L takes the dogs for their morning yomp around the streets. Once back they have their breakfast as usual, we stash our bags on the back seat and the dogs jump in the boot.

Wise old Doggo settles down as it must be the time of year for that long trip to Scotland. Three miles down the road he’s being enrolled at the Premier Pets Hotel. It happens so fast I don’t think he and MD had chance to grasp what was happening.

Feeling incredibly guilty I drive us to Birmingham airport where we board a flight to Frankfurt.

We have an overnighter in Frankfurt and stay in the trusty Holiday Inn. The S-Bahn railway proves very easy in getting us from airport to hotel and back again the next day.

We're not in the most glamorous part of Frankfurt, assuming there is a glamorous part but we do find a decent bar with food and German Altbier. Which isn’t from Frankfurt as most Altbier is brewed in Dusseldorf but it’s very nice.

(Wednesday 12th February)

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