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Thursday 15 January 2015

A Health and Safety Breach

At work, half of our floor has lost power, so we have strung cables across from the working side to get us functioning again. Which is a bit of a Health and Safety breach I would imagine. An electrician is on his way apparently.

This is clearly the week for things being off. Tonight’s squash is also off. My opponent’s back is playing him up. At least postponing the court until next week can now be done without a murmur of opposition now that the council are no longer running the centre.

As compensation I force myself into a lunch time run. I go out and run-walk 5k. Cough cough wheeze wheeze. Not good.

The electrician puts on his serious face and tells us he has to come back at the weekend because he needs to rip the floor up.

(Thursday 15th January)

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