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Saturday 24 January 2015

Sweating Like A Pig

The boys and I accompany L to the Rushcliffe Parkrun, which is a new venue for her. L blitzes her way around for a PB in the largest field I’ve ever seen for a mere parkrun.

I then drop L off at the leisure centre where she does a gym session and a fitness class that is apparently full of girls doing cowgirl squats with a brick squeezed between their thighs (formality known as pilates). Lucky bricks. Saves on the trips to A&E I suppose.

Afterwards, are they all, to coin the slogan 'Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox'... 

or as L puts it ‘Sweating like a pig, smelling like a collie.’

I watch Derby in the FA Cup Fourth Round and winning 2-0 in tough encounter with a determined Chesterfield side. No matter, we’re through to the last sixteen.

In the evening we embark on a pub crawl of new venues. Starting with the Barrel Drop, which we tried for the first time last week, then on to the Crafty Crow and that’s it... as we go stuck there. 

The Crafty Crow is run by Nottingham’s Magpie brewery but has a wide selection of ales and specifically loads of dark ones. SO we don’t move. They also heavily promote local produce, this extends not just to the beers but to other drinks as well. L spends most of the evening on Derbyshire wine.

We will have to continue the pub crawl next time.
(Saturday 24th January)

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