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Friday 9 January 2015

Another Comeback Run

It’s windy today, so I take the bus and get another free ride because they don’t turn up in a coach again.

I attempt a lunchtime run. Run Report...

Calves: Very tight until I stopped to stretch them, probably should have done that before I started.
Knee: Sore at the start but got better as I went along. Throbbing afterwards though.
Blisters: Lost one plaster but fine
Side strain: Recovered
New Shoes: Seem good
Fitness: Knackered, wheezed all the way round.

Anyhow 5k done.

L says I don't sound much like a 25 year old. I’m sure it was a misprint and should have been
125. All the same, I enter us both in next weekend’s Not The Roman IX which is 12k. I mean, why not.

L is home alone with the boys tonight as I’m out on the razz in Bingham. If such a thing is possible in Bingham.

She’s having a girlie night in tonight but without the wine/chocolate and with a closed back door. Although I’m not sure she’s ran this plan past MD.

In Bingham we settle in at the Horse and Plough with a pint of Dark Star Original which is 5%, very dark and very nice. We manage to get two in before we tour the sights. The sights are disappointing as the Chesterfield has nothing above the Doom Bar standard and the Wetherspoons isn’t much better but we end up staying there. We end up on the Abbot.

(Friday 9th January)

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