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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Three Days On The Bounce

I cycle again. Three days on the bounce. Ta da. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

L reports that MD is extra lively this morning. He shouldn’t have been, I did my best. I had to practically carry him home from training last night.

We restart squash tonight. Opponent says he’ll be carrying around a lot of curry/crisps/chips/kebabs etc with him. Tut tut. I’ll be carrying around today’s pub lunch. As well as a pint of Maverick from Loch Fyne which takes me back to the Isle Of Coll half marathon, as that is what we were drinking post-race.

I nearly don’t make squash, the traffic is barely moving and we both get stuck in it. I half expect to see L, who is running there, run past me. I try a couple of detours that don’t usually work but on this occasion they do. We eventually start 15 minutes late and my legs, with three days cycling in them, go after the first game which I do manage to hang on to win. I lose 2-1.

(Thursday 8th January)

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