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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Warning Sign

I park up at the parents’ place and run in to work from Aston this morning. This is around 8k and I run a km, then walk 100m or so, run 800m, then walk another 100m before running another full km. Seems to go ok, knee wise but I have a tight calf now. I think may be a pre-run roll this morning might have been preferable to a tumble.

L points out that the tightness is perhaps a warning sign that I've done enough. It may also be a sign to retire.

I do the same thing again after work, in reverse and even more gingerly. Nothing snaps. I run as much as possible on grass verges which puts much less stress through my legs. Sadly I think this (off road) is the way to go.

I’ve stayed in Derby because of the match which Derby win 2-0 over Blackburn. Two Darren Bent goals, he's proving to be a good signing already.

(Tuesday 27th January)

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