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Wednesday 28 January 2015

A Nice Touch

I arrive at work a tad wet, thanks to a few heavy showers on the way but having looked at the forecast for the rest of the week today was a better option than Thursday and Friday which are looking potentially icy.

I leave L alone in the house with two very tasty young carpet fitters. Her words. The carpet apparently is equally as tasty. The dogs have also checked it and approved it. Doggo hasn’t marked it as his territory yet, L and I will have to get in there first.

It seems to get windier during the day and I contemplate bailing out and getting the bus home. In the end, after drying my still damp kit on the radiator, I go for it. The wind seems to have eased, either that or it was with me all the way home. It’s an excellent ride and the snow shower in the last mile was a nice touch.

Now all that remains of the day is to spend the evening in a draughty barn dog training.

(Wednesday 28th January)

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