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Sunday 13 December 2015

Out Of My League

Today is the Bolsover 10k, which I hadn’t intended running but as L has pulled out due to her back injury it would have been a shame to have wasted the number.

We ignore the marshals trying to get folk to park in the town centre and get as close to the start at Bolsover School as we could. This was a good call and we got a great spot in one of the side streets.

The race route takes us around the outskirts of the town before heading out into the countryside in a big square before another jaunt through the town to the finish back at the school.

I slotted into a steady but acceptable 4:30 per km pace that I manage to maintain most of the way round. The course was undulating but had no real hills to speak of.

My pace went AWOL in the last 2k which I’m sure was down to poor km marking rather than my pace dropping which I think I maintained well. I had thought at one point that I was on for a 43 but in the end I only just break 46. A 45 is acceptable, just, a 46 wouldn’t be. 45:57 is therefore ok, just.

L had briefed me earlier and warned me not to win anything, such as the Over 50s Ladies. As if. Luckily I ended up running close to two such over 50s Ladies, one of which left me for dust about 3k from the end. I also made sure that I crossed the line just behind the other just to be on the safe side.

On checking the results later it appears that neither of them we over 50 at all. Sorry girls, I’ve never good at judging ages. Luckily there was one sprightly oldie who clocked 39:30, well out of my league, but it appears I came second and have won a prize. Yay. I mean ooops. I wonder if get a trophy as well? We leg it before the presentation, hopefully they’ll give it to someone else.

We head out later to celebrate, having lunch in the Hand & Heart before a few beers as usual in the Borlase and the Blue Monkey.

(Sunday 13th December)

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