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Friday 18 December 2015

Mad Friday

Today is apparently 'Mad Friday' the busiest drinking day of the year.

I hope L doesn’t get caught up in that as she goes to visit Son in Leamington for a bit of Christmas shopping. Although her train is late and she is stuck in Derby for over half an hour. I am just about to wander over and take her for lunch when her train finally arrives.

I’m on the bus and then do another run/Watt Bike/run/bus/run session. A fit looking chap gets on the bike next to me, clips his shoes in (he's brought proper cycling shoes) and then powers away at a steady 280-300 Watts. He barely breaks sweat as my body melts onto the floor at my mere 250 Watts. Standards are high here.

Then its home to celebrate ‘Mad Friday’. I cook tonight on the grounds that we best have a meal in for a change. 

(Friday 18th December)

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