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Tuesday 8 December 2015

A Turn For The Worse

L and MD talk me out of cycling this morning. L says how wet it looks outside while MD comes into the house with wet fur. Doggo’s fur is bone dry but then I suspect he hasn’t actually braved the elements.

So I get the bus and marvel at the perfect cycling conditions I have avoided as the weather suddenly and miraculously improves. The problem with these dark mornings is it’s really hard to tell how foul it is before the sun is up.

L’s morning then turns worse than mine. Her back goes pop before she even leaves home. She still manages to hobble to the pool, although I imagine swimming was pretty. She’s not a happy bunny, a mere six Parkruns off her target and she also has a 10k on Sunday.

At lunch time I do 315 watts of penance on the Watt Bike for not cycling this morning. L has given me a ‘micro’ towel to take with me to mop up the sweat, this is basically a face flannel but it worked well.

Burton Albion reappoint Nigel Clough, seven years after he left to come to Derby. I’m not sure that’ll work out but we wish him luck.

Outside the weather continues to swing wildly from bright sunshine to the apocalypse and back again. Perhaps skipping proper cycling for fake cycling wasn’t too bad an idea after all.

A second day in a row dog training, we're packing them in before the Christmas break. 

(Tuesday 8th December)

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