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Thursday 31 December 2015

A Good Way To See Out The Year

This between festivities period of low traffic would be a great time to get on the bike but unfortunately it’s also a great time to be in the car. This morning I leave home at 8:25 and arrive at work at 8:45. That’s twenty minutes rather than the usual sixty.

It’s probably also a good time to swim. L has the whole pool to herself this morning.

We finish work early and I head off for the last Watt Bike session of 2015. It’s another brutal one because my stalker shows up again and takes the bike next to me. Back home L is googling ‘breed of dog that doesn’t like balls’. I have no idea why.

I had hoped that my first session at the velodome in 2016 might be on the track, now that they are preparing to pack the pantomime dames away for another year but no. Even though they haven’t put the January sessions up on the website yet most of them are already booked up. I book one for the 24th, which was the earliest I could get.

By the time I get home L has ran a bath to share. Seems a good way to see out the old year. Another good way to see out the old year is in the pub.

We start off in the Blue Monkey pub where the landlord has his harem of barmaids dressed up as policewomen. It’s only a matter of time before someone offers round the handcuffs but we adjourn to the Borlase. Where we see out the old and see in the new.

(Thursday 31st December)

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