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Thursday 3 December 2015

Something Wild And Exciting

My legs are feeling their age this morning, I’m sure they’re older than the rest of me, so I get the bus and save them for tonight’s squash.

L’s Christmas List arrives, well the first draft does also known as the expensive draft. I notice despite precise instructions she still tries to hide a book in the middle of it.

I send her my list and also ask her to promise not to spend too much money but she just refers me to the ‘money profile’ on her spreadsheet. Which she says is a bit like the gradient profile on Sportive and cycle race routes. It's mainly flat but every so often there's a hill that you look at and think ‘oh bloody hell’. Hmmm. 

Let's do something wild and exciting tonight’ she says.   

That sounds thrilling. Like Squash? Our usual Thursday night, perhaps exciting may have to wait. 

I needn’t have bothered saving my legs for tonight game. If my opponent is going to start playing that well every week there’s no point me turning up.

(Thursday 3rd December)

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