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Saturday 26 December 2015

Something Trivial

Boxing Day does not start well. I go to bed feeling a little unwell. A night of vomiting and diarrhoea follows. I guess it must have been something I ate and it certainly had no intention of staying eaten.

Recovery is remarkably swift come morning but L bans me from my planned parkrun at West Park. Which means MD also misses out. He is gutted as L goes it alone. My parents show up, mainly to hand over my season ticket in case I have to crawl to the match this afternoon.

I am fine for the match though as Derby defeat Fulham 2-0. L drops me off at my parents’ place before collecting me later from the match, where she also drops Daughter off to meet her father. She then joins us at L’s parents for a pleasant evening and an over serious game of Trivial Pursuit against her sister’s family. Which we lose.

(Saturday 26th December)

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