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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Who Would Do A Thing Like That?

It’s still very windy, although I think Frankie is calming down a bit now, so I drive to work. Such is the lack of traffic that I delay my departure for work and have half an hour of ball chucking with boys. After a while I got the feeling I was just in their way and they were waiting for me to sod off to work. So I do.

L swims 28 lengths then runs out of time but because she is obsessive about such things she explains the situation to the chaps on lifeguard duty and they let her get back in so that she could round it up to 30.

It is quiet at work, so I complete the tax return.

I go to the gym after work having not even tried to talk myself out of it, much to L’s surprise. Who would do a thing like that?

L is at a pump class and loses the use of her arms as a consequence.

(Wednesday 30th December)

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