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Wednesday 16 December 2015

Like A Normal Person

L’s swimming has now progressed to getting out the side like a normal person stage. She’ll be attempting running next.

I cycle in to work although with my contact lenses in the wrong eyes which didn’t help much. A quick eye change at work gets them sorted.

It seems I won’t be cycling on the track on Christmas Eve as I’d tentatively planned to do. The Vets session that morning is fully booked as is the one on New Year’s Eve. Bloody oldies hogging the track. So it looks like I might have to come into work as normal and then do a Watt Bike session.

L has asked if I’d tentatively enquire about any Ladies Only and/or Wimps Only sessions they might be running in the future. Blimey. Now I know what to gift wrap and put under the Christmas Tree.

Later L heads over to Mickleover to see her folks which means we can meet in the pub after my last dog training session of the year. Although I have already been for one pint today as it’s pub day and a pub lunch of course.
(Wednesday 16th December)

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