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Friday 26 February 2016

A Multitude Of Additional Training Opportunities

I risk the calf on the bike today and that goes well. L also has pre-Paris concerns about a body part, in her case it’s her ankle, which apparently she exercises every time she makes a cup of tea. So about three times every hour.

Today is of course Friday which brings with it a multitude of additional training opportunities. 

There’s a rather gory play in the news. Cleansed sounds so gloriously un-PC but if I saw it I would probably faint.

Daughter is flat hunting whilst getting invited for rides in posh cars, invited for meals and even to Dubai. All by the same letting agent. Something tells me he’s a bit dodgy. Luckily she had her knitting needles with her so there was only ever going to one winner of that one. You don’t mess with Daughter when she’s armed.
(Friday 26th February)

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