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Thursday 18 February 2016

It's Star Wars Tonight

Finally on the bike and it’s a bloody cold one, almost chip your fingers off the handlebars weather. Bizarrely just the one hand refuses to warm up and I also had to get the kettle out at work to defrost my lock (but not my hand) so that I could secure my bike but other than that it was fun.

L goes back to physio and actually gets a chap who is prepared to go 'hands on'. Very old school. Naturally he contradicted the previous physio but that’s the problem with physios, they all say different things.

L has admitted to sneaking a read of the Daily Mail again and refers me to the ’five sex sins all women are guilty of'. Only five?

These apparently are: - being squeamish, not willing to try new things, not knowing their own body, never initiating sex and getting embarrassed too easily. Then L proposes a Friday Night, so that’s number four dealt with, and she says that she’ll do more or less anything I suggest even if I want to pretend its Star Wars (which I don’t). It must be my birthday or something.

Perhaps we should have another go with the gym ball.

(Thursday 18th February)

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