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Sunday 21 February 2016

A Whiff Of Vinegar

It's another lazy Sunday with a long lie in. I’m getting quite used to all this which will all change once the running\sportive\triathlon\dogging seasons start up.

The laziness is curtailed by this evening’s Track Session at the velodrome on my new bike. First I have to ‘treat’ the tyres. Whatever that means. The internet recommends wiping them with wine vinegar or using sandpaper. Apparently this removes the oils associated with the manufacturing of the tyres which would normally be removed by cycling on the road. The wooden boards of the velodrome wouldn’t have chance to do this before you ended up in a heap at the bottom of the banking. I try both methods to be on the safe side.

The good news is my ‘treating’ works and I stick to the wood. The only downside is that the bike smells strongly of vinegar. The upside is that the higher gearing of the bike gives me the extra oomph I require and I even come second in the Elimination Race. I’m a bit gutted with second actually as I thought I got my tactics spot on for once. 

The new bike does also creak a bit. Either that’s ‘cheap’ bikes for you or perhaps it just needs breaking in like a new pony and will improve with age.

L runs the 13k to the velodrome and afterwards we go for a couple of drinks in the Harrington with my Dad before the now traditional Sunday night Indian takeaway from the Park Tandoori.

(Sunday 21st February)

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