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Monday 8 February 2016


The car has been losing water for some time which has caused the heater not work. Luckily it hasn’t been that cold so far this year... Now though the water is out of the system by the time I’ve got to work. Time for a repair I think.

The garage, which at first I think has completely shut down due to them now operating out of a battered old porta-cabin, say it’s the pipe that passes through the heater that’s broken. It will be easy to fix they say, yet they still add a couple of noughts to the price.

Meanwhile it’s posh storm time again as Imogen rages, meanwhile at Derby County Storm Mel Morris (the Chairman) rages and inexplicably sacks Paul Clement.

After collecting the car I head to the pool for a swim, do my 50 lengths and then afterwards I cast my eye over the talent in the gym. I think I’ll take the one in the smart a**e t-shirt home with me.

(Monday 8th February)

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