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Thursday 8 June 2017

Back In Contact

Things still far from resolved on site with all the hardware but at least I have got a bit of software testing in. They’re not going to be able to start using anything just yet so I might as well head back to base and I book a train back to Nottingham. I will have to come back next week.

On the way to St Pancras I have a good look around for a stall selling London tat, L’s words. She is after a London bookmark. She failed to get one at the weekend and I fail again today. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult, would you?

Having escaped from site in reasonable time, I manage a quick pint of HSB in the Parcel Shelf place and a Salt Beef sandwich

I get home and look forward to seeing L, when she’s back from aquarobics. I wouldn’t like to come between a girl and her aquarobics. This does give me chance to fire up my new phone and get back in contact with the world while I wait to get reacquainted with L.

Then it’s the General Election, I do love a good election.

(Thursday 8th June)

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