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Sunday 18 June 2017

Dangerous Territory

With me doubled up sneezing with hay fever while even indoors, L takes on the job of cutting the hedge. Then afterwards she crashes, post-shower, on the bed. Dangerous territory.

Later we go over the Leamington to visit Son. Which enables me to pick up my belated birthday present. I will point him towards mail order next time.

Our regular haunt and the only non-Wetherspoons pub where you can get food on a Sunday evening is fully booked due to it being Father’s Day. So we have booked into the Five Rivers Indian again. Ironically beforehand we pop into one of the ‘Wetherspoons’ which is now no longer a Wetherspoons but still looks and acts like one. Decent pint of Plum Porter though.

Back home afterwards, I enter the Nottingham Grand Prix. My marathon training will start there with some short snappy distances. I note that Wollaton Park is no longer one of the races, the 5K is now being held on the Embankment.

(Sunday 18th June)

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