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Friday 30 June 2017

Sunrise City

It’s a very early start this morning for what used to be known as Run 5:30 but is now the Sunrise City 5k although still at 5:30am. Which means, to the dogs’ horror, we get up at WTF O’clock. This one is in Nottingham with Derby to come in two weeks time.

L runs it, while the boys and I support. MD is gutted to not be involved but gets over it quickly when all the street cleaning vehicles that are around at that early hour gang up to upset him.

Afterwards, back at work, I am kept awake by multiple queries from London. None of which are our fault (again) but still very frustrating.

On the way in I dropped the car off for it’s MOT and, shock horror, it passed. Yes the dodgy handbrake is fine... the dodgy indicators are fine... L is appalled.

(Friday 30th June)

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