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Monday 5 June 2017

No Real Hope Of Success

While L is having problems with the City Council’s Leisure App misbehaving and forgetting her login details mine seems to be having a good day. It even seems to have the Monday morning swim sessions on, which is a rarity.

My swim goes well despite the slow backstroker in my lane. Lane 2 of 3 as well, I ask you.

We have a poorly dog, Doggo. Although both looked a bit off colour this morning only one of them has the squits. Perhaps last night’s curried rice has disagreed with him. L decides to go home at lunchtime to see what's what and perhaps to clear up the mess. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

When she gets home… well let’s such say she’s decided to scrap the mat in the kitchen. She stays with him and works from home.

They have tried to deliver my new phone to home but sadly it wasn't the Royal Mail, so I don’t have the option of picking it up from the local sorting office. It's DPD, who have taken it back to their depot in Outer Mongolia. Not that it matters where they are because they will insist on attempting to redeliver to an empty house again tomorrow. I try and dissuade them through their website but there is no option for that and when I ring their phone line I find it is totally automated with no way of speaking to a real person. I drop them an email with no real hope of success.

O2, who the phone was ordered from, are no help either when I webchat with them. Just to get me off the call they tell me to go and see if my local O2 shop can help. I know this will be a waste of time but I go anyway and walk all the way in to Derby after work. It is a waste of time.

When I get home Doggo seems to be improving, so we head off dogging at Hilton. 

(Monday 5th June)

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