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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Not Exactly Tapering

It’s my first chance to get on the bike this week although L enquires as to whether I should be tapering instead with the Llandudno Sea Triathlon coming up this weekend. No, I’m not exactly tapering. It’s more like last minute cramming, like a teenager for an exam.

L says she can sympathise as she heads out for a run. It’s just four weeks to the Thunder Run but only three days to her proposed comeback at Conwy Parkrun.

The new football fixtures are out and Derby start on a Friday night, how traditional, but at least it’s away from home.

Dogging later, which finishes early due to the unseasonal heat so I’m at the pub before last orders for once. Its so warm L is sitting outside and without multiple layers on.

(Wednesday 21st June)

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