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Thursday 1 June 2017

Say Something Nice

I come to work on the bus because I was supposed to be heading down to London this evening for work, so that I can make an early start on a project we’re doing in Islington on Friday. I’m also supposed to be there Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

However, this week’s trip has been cancelled as they are behind with the installation of the equipment. I’m waiting to hear when we are rescheduling for.

At least its got me out of tennis... although I suppose I could try to arrange a game a short notice. Nah, I’ll skip it. I shall head home to cook, dodge bees (we have lodgers) and chuck balls.

L meanwhile drugs herself up and heads to gym and aquarobics.

Apparently today is ‘Say Something Nice Day’. Which is nice, obviously, but L never believes me when I say something nice...

(Thursday 1st June)

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