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Tuesday 27 June 2017

The Home of The Bear

L drops me off at Nottingham Station as I head down to London again where things are still not going well, sadly.

I am booked overnight in a Comfort Inn on Edgware Road which was all I could get at a reasonable price. Everywhere else is full after they emptied all the tower blocks in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire.

The Comfort Inn is comfortable only if you like confined spaces and there’s no air conditioning, hang on... what’s this? Found it. I thought that was the remote for the TV.

There’s no food available at the hotel apart from breakfast so I have to go out to find a pub. Not a problem. Unfortunately Edgware Road is a bit of a dump, they do have an artisan burger pub but not much else. As everyone seems to have headed there, there isn’t room anyway. There’s an Indian, which looked very tempting but it was empty at 8pm.

Instead I head to Paddington, which is about half a mile away, where I get sloshed on ESB in a bar above Paddington Station that is a carbon copy of the one at Kings Cross. This one's called the Mad Bishop and Bear. I can guess who the bear is, not so sure about the bishop.

Sadly I miss the first race of the GP series at Rushcliffe Country Park.

(Tuesday 27th June)

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