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Saturday 3 September 2011

Ahead Of The Game

A dog show today down at Huntingdon which is around 90 minutes drive but was nearly more as I had to quickly detour via the M1/A14 as the A1 was closed due to some light aircraft coming down somewhere it shouldn’t have. Luckily I heard about it on the radio within a mile of setting off, so changing route was easy.

Doggo starts the day off and we mess up his jumping course when I omit a command I didn’t think a dog with his vast experience needed but clearly did. So my fault I suppose. MD though it is sparkling form. The dry ground this week seems to suit him, compared with the paddy fields of last week and no poles go down.

He opens up by going clear on a G3-5 course, which unfortunately isn’t split by grade. This means we are directly competing against dogs in the two grades above us. Typically it’s his best run of the day, where we don’t have much chance of a top placing. Brilliant run though, worth the trip already as we come 11th and are 3rd G3 dog.

Meanwhile L and Daughter are job hunting, for Daughter that is, I think, in Sheffield. Trying to get ahead of the game before she starts Uni in two weeks time.

We have three more runs, which come back to back and all before lunch. Then we just have to wait for the results before we can head home. Doggo is clear and comes 14th. Unluckily the rosettes go to 13th. MD is clear in one of his two, the other is a bit of a nightmare. I think I tried to rush him as the course was clearly winnable. The second one was a bit lucky and very ragged but still good enough for 7th.

A night in with the pasta and sports drinks tonight. Wilne 10k tomorrow.

(Saturday 3rd September)

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