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Wednesday 28 September 2011

In The Dark

It’s not the best weather for cycling, in between weather. It’s too cold this morning for shorts but too hot for long trousers. Although by the time it comes to cycling it will almost certainly be shorts weather if this late heatwave continues.

Tesco Watch. We've found yet another one. They are springing up about every half mile or so now. Surely all these Tescos must take trade away from... well all the other Tescos. Perhaps they’ll all put each other out of business.

The plan tonight is to trim MD’s ears with the lawnmower. E.g. to cut the grass. This with the nights pulling in isn’t going to be easy and sure enough, I end up cutting the grass in the dark, which is probably as hard as you would think it would be.

Had to do something though, I need to start sorting the garden out. Over the last year of so, MD has been carefully, ok not carefully, sculpting a scale model of the Grand Canyon down the centre of our back lawn. Impressive though it is, it’s not very appropriate for a small garden such as ours and it’s actually downright dangerous as I keep falling into it.

So I want to try and reseed some of those bare patches... once I’ve had a lorry load of topsoil deliver to fill in the canyon.

(Wednesday 28th September)

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