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Thursday 1 September 2011

End Of Season Bash

September. Another month gone. Soon be Christmas. I had pencilled a speed session with L in for this morning but she’s injured, although she’s playing it down.

Things are getting a bit hysterical at the World Athletics Championships. Jess Ennis didn’t win, although she actually amassed more Heptathlon points than she did when she won the title two years ago. So hardly a disaster, as she’s improved. While Mo Farrah ran a 53 second last lap and still lost the 10,000m. There’s not much you can do about that.

Today step forward Dai Greene with a gold in the 400m hurdles and Hannah England with a great run in 1500m to get a silver. A silver that gets treated a bit different to the silvers of Ennis and Farrah.

I try and book a tennis court for tonight but can’t. The Tennis Centre’s computer has now decided that it’s dark at 7pm and won’t let anyone book a court without floodlights but all the courts with lights have already been booked... so in theory we can’t play even though all the unlit courts will be free and it's light to past 8pm. So I book a floodlit court from 8pm but we’ll turn up at 7pm anyway and find an unlit one.

I'm there at 6.45 to take full advantage of the light, my opponent arrives at 7.10 by which time I’m shattered. Serving to oneself is an exhausting business, all that walking around the net to get the ball.

It’s our final tennis game of the season. It’s back to squash the next time we play. Thankfully. So it’s the end of season bash tonight in the White Hart with the Abbot and the £5 curries. Even Son walks down to join in the celebrations, well, for his tea.

(Thursday 1st September)

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