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Friday 23 September 2011

Falling To Earth

I walk the boys this morning. Doggo, ever the cautious one, looks worried at this development, not that it’s that unusual. Perhaps he's keeping an eye on the sky for that falling satellite which Nasa says could crash to earth ‘anywhere’. Reassuringly there’s only a 1 in 3,200 chance of it killing someone which is probably about the same probability of me breaking my half marathon PB this year. So we feel safe.

L has a physio appointment this morning. I just hope she doesn’t throttle the guy when he tells her to take a break from running.

In fact, she probably kissed him as he’s told her not to stop running. The prognosis is a ‘yanked’ muscle between hip and knee. Time for some MEAT - movement, exercise, attenuation (massage I think) and treatment.

Running is encouraged although no sudden bursts of speed, no sprinting for the finish line, rushing downhill to make up time or overtake anyone. She’s also been told to take lots of hot baths. A ‘take it easy’ strategy that could have been written by herself.

In the evening I am taken out by work to ‘Thai Dusit’ in Derby. Dusit apparently means paradise and the food was rather good. Beforehand a few of us, stranded in Derby for a few hours, had to kill time in the Alexandra but we managed.

(Friday 23rd September)

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