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Monday 12 September 2011

A Dog Walker’s Nightmare

Daughter arrives home as high as a kite, almost as high as MD is to see her. Which I hope she noticed because she always says the dogs don’t care about her. Not true. Perhaps this is why he’s been so out of it, he’s missed her. She might have to take him to Sheffield with her... not that I’m trying to get rid or anything.

She also seems to have brought home, what according to the reviews is, the standard souvenir from her (slightly dodgy) hotel. A cold.

I hear the boys had an excellent walk this morning, mopping up all the sniffs from the split Lucozade and impromptu loo stops from the marathon. A dog walker’s nightmare.

Then tonight it’s back to school for the boys, well MD. Training restarts.

(Monday 12th September)

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