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Thursday 15 September 2011

The Other Side Of The Road

L threatens to get up at six so that she can get into work early. I don’t like the sound of that and offer to take the dogs out instead. Win win situation, an extra half hour in bed with L and a pleasant amble with the boys... MD’s always pleasant for me, well nearly always.

The two other dogs we meet this morning are both mysteriously forced to cross over to the other side of the road by their owners. Anybody would think we had a reputation. The result is, however, a pleasant morning stroll.

A good day all round really, as its pub lunch day today as well.

Ah, then it’s the dog club committee meeting which promises to be well fiery and looking at the size of the agenda, could potentially go on all night.

First I drop the boys off at my parents’, so that they can spend the evening exercising my father, although it’s supposed to be the other way around.

The meeting doesn’t disappoint either in fieriness or length, unfortunately.

(Thursday 15th September)


  1. You have my meeting-related sympathy.

    There is nothing worse than finishing up at work, having to quickly scoff something and then spend the rest of the evening at a meeting full of people who have no sense of timing or for whom the idea of an agenda is merely a list of things to moan about.

    (In my case, swap 'Dog Committee' for 'Scout Leaders' but the end result is pretty similar, I'll bet)

  2. Too right.

    And annoyingly the agenda items I thought were most important either got glossed over or deferred so that they didn't interrupt the moaning.