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Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Traumatic Lunch

As I cycle to work, up the hill in Sandiacre, I realise I am being slipstreamed by a moped. It's like a reverse kierin. The cheek of the guy. He overtakes me once we’re back on the flat. Then later on I get overtaken by a bloke on a powered mountain bike. It must have some sort of electric motor on it because he wasn’t pedalling at all but was going at about 25 mph.

We attempt a pub lunch but are turned away from the Brunswick because they have no food. Then we turn ourselves away from the Waterfall as they have no beer. Then at the Victoria, we order to find the beer is rancid but stay anyway because by now we’re knackered even if we do now have to resort to Worthington. The fish and chips were good though, then we went running back to the Brunswick for something decent to wash it down with.

Tennis is off. My opponent’s back has gone again, so his spreadsheet is going to be a calamity this year. L goes boxing, she’s so diverse. 

(Thursday 14th August)

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