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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Important Bit

My lunch time run was as good as expected. Which is to say ‘not great bad’ but ‘not bad’. Hardly fast and also not pain free. Luckily my next event the Sundowner Half Ironman isn’t for a full 18 days. L though helpfully suggests I should perhaps downgrade to the sprint event. Never. I’ll be fine. The run can be muddled (crawled) through, the bike section is the important bit and the swim... that’s just the bit you have to get through to get to the important bit.

Talking of ‘that’ bit, I go to John Carroll pool after work and it’s packed. Where are they all coming from? They really have to stop encouraging these people to get fit.

I end up in lane number one purely because it has the most space and then, of course, I have to justify my place there by swimming fast enough.

(Tuesday 19th August)

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