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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Otherwise Known As

Today I take the car to my parents’ house, leave it there and then run the 8km into work from there. Then I’ll do the same again in reverse at 5pm. It goes ok but it was very slow. 5:30 per km. Which I will put down to the early morning blues, otherwise known as a slight hangover.

L takes hers for a swim but craves a greasy spoon breakfast. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Daughter meanwhile is engaging in some trans-county travelling as she criss-crosses the country to avoid paying pre-9am train fares from Nottingham on her way to a job interview in Manchester. She buses to Derby, walks from bus to train station, trains to Sheffield then changes at Sheffield for Manchester. She does her interview and then is set to do the whole thing again in reverse; only they let her get a direct train back to Nottingham.

My run back is quicker, at my acceptable half marathon pace of 5:00 per km.

Tonight, Derby get through to the 3rd Round of the league cup, a late goal defeating Charlton.

(Tuesday 26th August)

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