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Friday, 15 August 2014


I powered the bike to work and back under leaden skies again. This powering including swerving around a pram that was rolling towards me down the road. That was a bit odd. Thankfully the careless parent managed to grab it before it went under the i4 bus.

I survive the ride the work unwatered but the rain gets me on the way back home. I got more than a bit damp.

Daughter is getting the late bus home from her work stint in Sheffield so, even though it’s Friday, we have to be clothed and sober by then. Which as L's plans include a glass or three of wine could be touch and go. All that after she’s got her pump class out of the way first. It’s a busy night as we also needed to digest and then dispose of the evidence of the naughty takeaway we’d ordered.

(Friday 15th August)

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