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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Still Running At 91

Ex-Hurricane Bertha paid a visit today, whatever an ex-hurricane is. She was seemingly as bad tempered as an ex-girlfriend. Although I think she blew herself out and the day turned out to be just plain wet.

What she did do was scare off the majority of the folk who were supposed to be at today’s dog show at Catton Hall. This hugely enhanced our chances of winning or would have done had MD been on his game. He wasn’t. The weather also hugely reduced the amount of people helping out, so I ended up mucking in.

We did get one clear round but didn’t even get in the top ten. Then we got a surprise rosette for a third place in a run that we got five faults in and was probably his worst run of the day.

Today is also Doggo’s birthday. He’s 91 but he still did his veterans run in the rain and went clear. He's still got the knack even in soggy conditions. However he’ll probably now sleep for the rest of the day. Luckily for him, with turnout low due to the weather, most of the competition was finished by lunchtime, so he’s home in plenty of time to do just that.

(Sunday 10th August)

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