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Friday, 29 August 2014

Not A Dinosaur In Sight

At least it's dry today. This makes the ride into work a lot more pleasant.

Daughter has a job in Manchester. Clearly threatening them with a baseball bat at Toys r Us worked a treat. Perhaps I should explain she had to pick a toy from the store and sell it to the rest of the interview group. Yes, she chose a baseball bat... and you wouldn’t say no to Daughter with a baseball bat. They didn’t even have to ask her what her favourite dinosaur was. I thought that always came up.

Sadly the ride home isn’t as pleasant as the one this morning. Ugh, wet lycra again. I’m just stripping it off when L sends through a warning that they’re bringing a guest back so to not be naked...

But later Daughter is off out to celebrate someone’s birthday, so then we can be as debauched as we like. Yay, that means a takeaway.

(Friday 29th August)

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