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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Is This How Other People Spend Their Weekends?

L skips off out for a 9am class exercise class double header with Daughter. So, abandoned, I get up. Then I type up the Dog Club’s minutes, blitz the bathroom with anti-mould cleaner and take the dogs on the park. Wow. Loads done. Is this how other people spend their weekends? Missed the lie-in though.

When L returns she drops me at my parents for the match, which Derby draw 1-1, then goes to see her own parents. Whilst there her father tips a bucket of water over her head. L has been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge by her sister.

After the match I get bus back over to Nottingham and meet L. We again visit the Nedd Ludd where there’s a nice 5.5% IPA called Navigation Apus, on the trail I assume. We consider staying for food but despite seeing several orders taken we don't see any food arrive, so perhaps not.

Fothergills is next on our list. It’s a new venue to us and it’s quite posh but they do have beer. We have another nice IPA, a 6% one this time from Castle Rock. Again not much food arriving and probably on the pricey side anyway.

We check out the Salutation, as we do once a year or so, but there's nothing of interest there. We do have one at the Hand & Heart, again it’s an IPA on the trail by this time it’s not so good. Then we try the Flacon, which like last week has no Tuck or IPA so we don't stay and go to the Borlase which again comes up trumps with a nice dark ale.

(Saturday 30th August)

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