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Saturday, 23 August 2014

You Don’t Win Anything With Kids

My optician has been taken over by one of those national brands and I’ve been putting off going as I know it’ll be a long long job. 

It is a very long long job. They took ninety minutes to tell me everything is exactly the same as last time and I’ve still got to go back because they’ve given me some trial contact lenses. Different ones in each eye which is very weird. I can’t help but think this is cost cutting. I mean if you like the left shoe in a shoe shop, you wouldn’t buy the pair without trying the right one on as well would you.

Derby’s ‘indifferent’ start to the season actually saw them win two games, draw one and lose none of their first three games without conceding a goal but they did lose their fourth game 3-2 at Charlton. They bounce back into form today with an impressive 5-1 win against a seemingly relegation bound (already) Fulham side. Their side is almost all young lads and you don’t win anything with kids, so they say.

Afterwards I meet L in Nottingham. We try the food at Peacock, which is fine but the Old Peculiar tastes off. So we head to the Nedd Ludd, which is a ‘craft’ ale bar. E.g. overpriced keg beers that are generally served too cold, too gassy and make you wonder how good it would have been had it been served on a hand pump.

However, it’s a decent pub that does have a few hand pumps and we get a nice IPA as part of the minimum strength 5.5% IPA trail. A commendable idea this from Nottingham Camra but I’m not sure how they got it past the alcohol police.

Then we head to the Falcon which for the first time ever has no Tuck and no IPA for the trail either. We end up at Borlase which has a well decent Porter from Raw. So good we stay for another one, which isn’t going to do me any good tomorrow. Good job it's not me jumping the hurdles.

(Saturday 23rd August)

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