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Saturday 15 November 2014

Autumnal Ramble

I take my bad back to a dog show, that I’ve only really entered to have a look at the new arena that it’s being held in. If it’s any good our dog club may be interested in using it.

L parkruns again. This time at Forest Fields where they have a new café. Of course it’s not about the café; it’s about the run, the green smiley face and the fact there’s now just 43 to go to the half century.

Whilst she’s running in the rain, Doggo and I are on a pleasant Autumnal ramble such is the delay between walking our first course and actually doing it. Two old men together. The back is fine so far, as long as I don’t do any quick movements which might be a problem when I come to compete.

Which eventually happens and typically we do two in a row, neither are clear. The second one was quite good but MD still stopped for a bark at me and refused a jump.

Our last run also takes an age to come around. The judge is slow and has set an impossible course, so the competitors are slow too. By the time we get to run it practically everyone else has packed up and gone home. It’s his best run of the day. Hardly anyone has got round the course and we get further than most until he misses a very tricky weave entry about three quarters of the way in.

The venue itself is quite swish. Posh café and loos. At first I don’t think it’s quite big enough for what our club will want but then I study it a bit more and have a look down from the balcony. If we rearrange things it might be goer. I can feel a committee proposal coming on.

Tonight, we stay in and munch pasta. Even injured supporters have to keep their energy up.

(Saturday 15th November)

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