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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I Have My Uses

After a day in the car and a day on the bus, both slowly chugging their way through the ludicrous traffic, it’s got to be the bike today despite the rain, which is persistent it not too heavy. Even so, once at work there are bits of me hanging everywhere drying off. It was also a bit hairy at times. My brakes weren’t very good anyway but are far worse in the wet. Just don’t tell L.

L's sends out personalised Santa wish lists to the kids and her family whilst copying me into them all. Now I’m all excited waiting for my own personalised list. Even though house rules prevent us thinking about these matters until Monday, when December arrives. She says she’s saving the expensive stuff for mine. I do have my uses.

L goes running with a friend after work and then I drop her at my parents on the way to dogging. Always willing to provide a service. I do have my uses.

(Wednesday 26th November)

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