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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Four Legged Encumbrance

If I stay injured L may have accumulate the Christmas puddings on her own, usually we acquire them together through races.

Next week’s Heanor Christmas Pudding run surely hands out one but hopefully this weeks Stilton Stumble doesn’t. Surely it’s got to be a block of cheese.

The second running of the event starts at Cropwell Bishop Memorial Hall and there is a 10k race and a rather intriguing 24k one. Now that would have been right up my street had I been fit.

The two races start ten minutes apart and each have a couple of girls with the start banner who have to jump out of the way and avoid the onrushing runners as well as a yapping dog whose owner needs to get him under better control. It’s not that easy when my other four legged encumbrance attempts to join in with both races.

Overall it’s an enjoyable event and I can vouch for the bacon butties and the hot drinks being sold in the hall. Very good.

In the evening we head to Falcon and try one of their Sunday lunches, which are well worth the trip and the Tuck is on. We also have a beer in the Borlase and two in the Hand & Heart.

(Sunday 16th November)

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