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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Police Escort

I got a police escort out of Nottingham this morning as I cycled to work because I accidentally tagged on to the end of the RickshawChallenge.

I had a brief chat with Matt Baker, apparently he’s famous, before I zoomed off and left them to it.

L asks is I’ll be on telly. I doubt it although they did have several cameras inside a big van, as well as two support vehicles and two police outriders. It was quite a traffic jam.

The prospect of another big red blob lurking over her does at least get L out for a run tonight before her book club and she’s even entered the Heanor 10k. That’s two 10ks scheduled in the next two weeks now, she seems to have got her mojo back. I’m tempted myself. I might even be fit by then... although I doubt it.

It takes an age to get home even by bike because of more heavy traffic and sadly the rickshaw wasn’t waiting to escort me. I must find a better way home other than up Derby Road.

(Tuesday 11th November)

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